Wall Art Installation – How to…

Wall Art Stickers can by applied to any smooth, dry surface.  The stickers will stick to tiles, shower doors, mirrors and any smooth surface.  The surface needs to be completely dry before application.

If you are planning to paint the wall before applying your Wall Art Sticker, you need to wait a couple of weeks for the paint to cure and chemicals to settle.  If you don’t, chances are good it will just peel off the wall.

When the installation day arrives: 

What you will need – scissors, masking tape and a squeegee (you can use an old credit card or any store card)

Make sure the surface is smooth, clean and dry.

Step 1 :   The sticker has 3 parts.  Backing paper, sticker and top application paper.  Use the squeegee and start rubbing on the clear side (application paper) of the decal make sure to cover the entire sticker.  Once done place on the wall where you would like it and keep it in place by putting the masking tape on.  Stand back and take a look if you are happy with placement.  If it is a big sticker I would recommend to tape the masking tape in the middle from top to bottom.  You will first peel the one side and stick and then the other side.

Step 2:  Fold over to the left up until where the masking tape is.  Start from any corner and slowly peel the application tape backwards over the decal.  Be sure to keep it as flat against the surface as possible while peeling.  Smaller details might stick to the backing paper.  Simply roll back and apply pressure by rubbing over it and continue peeling.

Step 3:  Using two hands, starting in the middle slowly smooth out the decal to the side.  Rub the decal, covering the whole area you are applying to ensure it transfers from the application tape to the wall or surface.  Remove the application tape as the left part is now on the wall.  Repeat with the right side.

Step 4:  You will now have the sticker on the wall and the application tape on top.  Start removing the application paper.  Start from any corner and slowly peel the tape backwards over the sticker.  Remember to keep it as flat against the wall as possible.  Some small details may still stick to the application paper.  Simply roll it back and apply pressure by rubbing over it and continue peeling.  Once the application tape is off rub over your sticker carefully with the squeegee just to make sure it is settled.

Tip : On cold days use a hairdryer and blow over the sticker .  This will soften the adhesive and make it stick better.

How to remove the Wall Art Sticker?  Simply lift the edge and roll the decal backwards against the wall.  You can also soften the glue by heating the vinyl with a hairdryer.



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